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whether you are preparing an email marketing campaign, creating an eye-catching social media content, designing a website, preparing printed materials, or preparing for a magazine ad these photos will interest potential and current customers alike.


We will collaborate with you to determine the style of photo you need to ensure we deliver the photos you need. After payment is made you will be instructed on how to ship the product to our studio. If we do not receive your product by the desired project start time, we will contact you to get you re-scheduled.


Photo Options:

  • Lighting options: Whether you want dark and dramatic or light and bright we can achieve that for you.
  • Staged photos: We will collaborate on what the set will look and what accompanies your product.
  • Stop Action Photography: We can freeze a moment in time to create a dynamic image that will interest customer (see coffee shot above for an example).
  • Splash: Bottle pours, splashing liquids and beyond.
  • Smoke, fire and beyond. The options are nearly limitless. We will work with you on additional options to ensure your expectations are met.


The files are 43-megapixel oversized print quality files and can be delivered in any file type. After completion, you will receive a password protected gallery to download your photos.


Do your best with the questions below. We will have a conversation before the project starts to clarify your needs.





Casey Quertermous

Founder and Owner | Lead Photographer

LOUD Product Photography


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Advertising Photos

Lighting Prefrence
Photo Orientation
Splash Photography
Stop Action Photography
Preferred File Type
Desired Project Start
  • We are happy to re-shoot any photo that was not the direction we discussed or a photo we made an error on at no cost. If the direction you want to go in changes mid-project. We will reshoot and replace images at a 50% discount from the original price per photo you paid. All orders are required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit prior to the photoshoot. This deposit is applied towards your total balance. 

    We are happy to reschedule you for another time, but we do not refund cancelations.

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