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Online shoppers weigh in on Product Photography... Must read for online retailers...

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

"Almost half (47 percent) of U.S. online consumers rate high-quality product images as the most influential factor when considering a product purchase from a specific brand"

Richard Carufel - Agility PR Solutions

Online sales have become the strongest channel for both sales and advertising your physical locations. Nearly half of customers state they purchase the most visually attractive product. 

Here are just a few facts about today's online shoppers. 

-50.5% of online shoppers state that photos of front, back, and side increase the chance of them making a purchase.

-High-quality images build trust and confidence among consumers. Product Listings with more photos (front, back, side, ETC) increase sales.

-Other research has found high-resolution photos with a zoom feature on the product listing allows a buyer to inspect the product increases conversion by as much as 65%. 

-Product Slideshows on online listings also increase sales conversion rates.


Tips to improve Sales customer TRUST and SALES Conversion.

-Ensure your website and all partner sales sites display your products with a uniform appearance. All products should be positioned and aligned the same.

-A common mistake when looking at a product page is some products look farther away. All photos need to have the same depth and distance without exception.

-Show multiple angles, the product packaging, unpackaged product, ingredient listings, ETC. 

-Build trust by also incorporating advertising photos (examples below). This type of photo reinforces a large company's brand and style and makes a smaller company appear larger, building trust and credibility. These photos can also be used for email campaigns, websites, and social media.

-Only use professionally lighting. Lighting is much more than just making the product visible; it's used to show the shape of the product and give it a 3D quality.  We also use specific types of lighting and light modifiers to properly illustrate the type of material your product is made from. The easiest way to make a product photo look amateur is to use room or natural lighting. 

-Use only high-quality images that you can incorporate a zoom feature on. Most drop ship sites already have the capability and it just needs to be enabled. Letting the customer clearly see the details will increase their comfort level of what they are buying.

-Don't waste time and money on virtual mock-ups of your products. Customers purchasing without seeing and holding the product in their hands want to see what the product really looks like. 

Long story short. High-quality product images that show great detail and professionalism increase your sales conversion rate.

A final shocking (but proven) statement is that high-quality images have a greater impact than social media pages. However, high-quality advertising images on social media platforms increase trust, engagement, and sales.


What to do next...

Review your product pictures against leading brands in your industry and determine if you look as good or better. Professional product photography services don't have to be expensive. Good photography companies will make the process effortless and deliver usable content without any further editing or hassle.

Review a few examples of E-Commerce and advertising photos below.


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