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Direct Mail Marketing Still Gets The Best Response

These days we think our marketing is limited to email, social media, and other pay per click advertising. Most companies don't  know the highest converting marketing channel is still direct mail. The below article explains why and gives you our best practices.

Let's Start with the Facts:

  • You can expect on average of 5.1% conversion rate on direct mail which is higher than email, social media, and pay per click adverting. (source DMA)

  • 18-21 year-old people average 12.4% response rate (source DMA)

  • On Average for every $167 spent of direct mail in the US, marketers sell $2095 in goods. (Source: Print Is Big)

  • Direct Mail has a median return on investment of 29%.

Why It Works:

  • You get less of it. Most households get 1-4 pieces of mail per day. It is almost a guarantee your package or letter will be opened. No other paid advertising has an open rate that is this strong

  • You can physically hold it in your hand. This adds a personal touch that builds instant trust.

  • More importantly, it's easy to save for later. If they don't need what you are selling today but they do in a month it's easier to find than an online copy.

  • Younger generations are less likely to consider mailed advertisements to be junk mail.

  • Most of your competition is likely only focused on online efforts, which are just as important. However, it is not the only advertising option you have. This will give you an advertising advantage.

Best Practices:

  • Lumpy mail: This isn't an envelope, a postcard, a flyer, ETC. It's a piece of mail that clearly has more than just paper in it.  Including a small branded gift in your package almost guarantees your letter will be looked at. Everyone loves to get packages in the mail. Also, if your customer is keeping score you have already given them something for free. A final benefit is it can have your logo, web address, phone number, ETC on it. That way when the customer is in the market for your product you are the first company they consider. Here are some lumpy mail ideas. Ink Pens or Stylist, magnets, key chains, ETC... There are no rules as long as it's a different size and shape than the paper.

  • Targeting: You can still target your customers. Granted it's not as specific as Facebook Pixel and other online tools. But you can still narrow your target audience to get the best results. Try USPS Every Door Direct Mail tool.

  • QR codes: The more interactive you make your mail the more likely it is your prospect will purchase from you. You can set up free QR codes online and you can direct them to your website, social media pages, a landing page specific to that marketing outreach, ETC...

  • Make it beautiful: If you read our prior articles we talked about the importance of visual impressions. It's just as important with direct mail marketing. You have to visually capture their attention if you want them to read your offer.

  • Call to action: This is commonly missed but it should be apart of every marketing campaign.Visit us online, use this promo code, come to our store, join us for an event, call us, ETC

  • The Showstopper Package: This one takes a bigger budget but it's highly effective. This is a beautifully prepared package that has a substantial gift in it. Something that the recipient is shocked to receive it. It could be one item or several. You can include the same advertisement and call to action but the chances of it converting the recipient to buying customers dramatically increase. Here are some ideas. All of them should be branded. Shirts, hats, glass/shot glass (great for liquor companies),travel mug/coffee cup, one of your products, ETC...

Known When To Mail:

  • One and done: Great for events, grand openings, fundraiser, new location opening, ETC...

  • Drip Campaigns: Incremental outreach that keeps your product and brand top of mind. 

  • Trigger Based Mailing: Great for birthdays, a recent purchase, big-spending customers, or to try to make a bad experience right.

In general, this is a great way to expand your marketing efforts and stand out from your competitors. If you have any additional questions about direct mail marketing feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to share our best practices with you. Our advice does not cost a thing.

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