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We Make This Process Simple For Our Customers

1. We chat 

It starts with a simple conversation. We chat with you to understand your brand and get a sense of what you like. This can be done via call, chat, or email. It's your choice. 


3. We Get To Work

Now that we have the products we get to work.

  • We clean every fingerprint and ensure the products are dust-free.

  • Create concepts based on our conversations on what you want to see.

  • Carefully Stage your product.

  • Adjust lighting placement and power settings so your product is beautifully lit.

  • Shoot multiple angles, and tweak the set to make sure your image is perfect.

  • Add effects when needed, water splash, wine pours, falling objects, smoke machines, ETC. 

  • Edit until the photo is magazine worthy.

  • Repeat with every product, on every picture. 

Whisky pour - Reduced Size.jpg

5. Decide What to Do With Your Products

Once we are done and you have confirmed you are happy with everything we decide what to do with your product. We have a couple of options for you.

1. Let us store them at no cost. We can do on-demand photos for you if we have your products at the studio. This saves repeated shipping cost for future needs and also gets you future content faster. There is no charge for this service. 

2. We can ship your products back. We will mail your products back no more than 2 business days after you have signed off on completion. 


2.  Ship Us Your Products

Next, you ship us a set of products. Once we receive it, we get to work. Don't worry, you can have these back when we are done. Or we can store them at no cost for future projects we do together. It's up to you.


4. Sit Back And Watch Your Pictures come In

Your photos will be delivered to you in real-time. As we complete them, you get them so you can start using your new content immediately. They are sent to you via a secure and password-protected portal.


6. Put Your Photos To Work

Use your pictures to update your website, design stunning email campaigns, create social media promotions that get attention, print oversized wall art for your stores, or even a billboard. 

Most importantly build your customer's trust, increase engagement, and sales.

Even after our projects are done you can always reach out to us for marketing and advertising advice. We want to help you be as successful as possible. We never charge for advice.

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